Breztežnost na površju Zemlje

    V Bremnu so zgradili 146 metrov visok stolp, v katerem lahko ustvarijo breztežnost, ki traja dobrih devet sekund.

    With a height of 146 meters the Bremen Drop Tower is the main laboratory of ZARM and the only laboratory of this kind in Europe. Every day it offers the most economic opportunity for short-term experiments under highest-quality conditions of weightlessness, comparable to one millionth of the Earth’s gravitational force (10-6 g). Since the implementation of the catapult system, a construction developed by ZARM engineers, the experiment duration has been extended to 9.3 seconds – unmatched by any other drop facility worldwide.

    Due to its excellent microgravity conditions the Bremen Drop Tower has received considerable international attention and is well occupied. Scientists from all over the world come to Bremen in order to experiment on different research fields like astrophysics, biology, chemistry, combustion, fluid dynamics, fundamental physics and materials sciences as well as conduct technology tests preparing and qualifying hardware for future space missions.

    (Vir: ZARM: Drop Tower)

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